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Toronto Peace Protest
by Johnny Bakan
Submitted 02/16/03

Yesterday's worldwide demonstration against war may have been the largest anti-war demonstration in human history. An historic moment.

The demonstration in Toronto was bigger than anything I have seen in this city for several years at least. Estimates range from 10,000 at the low end (CBC newsworld) to 80,000 at the high end (Toronto Star).

In any case it was huge.

There was a large music-making/drumming/dancing contingent. We had at least 3 snare drums, 2 bass drums, a mid sized tom, one trumpet, several people playing hand drums of various sorts and sizes, maybe 6 to 10 people playing buckets with sticks, others playing assorted small percussion, and countless dancers. All this in spite of windchill temperatures below -20 C.

We marched drum-corps style behind a flag dancer/no-war Majorette who cleared the way in front of us as she marched and strutted while twirling a large hand-painted and multi-colored flag. All around us people danced. The sound was enormous.

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