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Primopraxial Loadarhythmics as Many Fest Oh!
Submitted Monday, 08/13/08 by Charles Keil
Primopraxis; always be moving toward the prime sounds, primitive sounds, first sounds, aboriginal sounds, 'smokin' primorjul' sounds and processes of  hocketing (last note of my repeated 2-5 note phrase is the first note of your next repeated 2-5 note phrase), mouthbowing, birimbaoing, overlapping call & response (last note of my longer call is first note of your shorter response), dijiridooing, droning, conching and bonking, rara horns "one note per person-ing", rhythm sticks, click sticks (rims of snare the pattern holder and off the rim and into the drum the exceptional foray)....Read the whole thing 



Reflections on Honk Fests East and West
Submitted Friday, 6/13/08 by Charles Keil
I missed the first Honk Fest in Somerville fall of 2006. And it was my 50th HS reunion took me away from Saturday night and the parade on Sunday that were the high points of Somerville’ Honk Fest II in October of 2007. I did get to join with the Original Big Seven (really Big Three: great sousaphonist, 2 fine drummers all you need) from New Orleans in opening the weekend on Friday, bonking and honking on my couch shell it was time to talk….Read the whole thing


The Significanse of Path Paraphernalia
Submitted Wednesday, 4/4/07 by Charles Keil
We’re opening the "Paraphernalia" store (click on a rock along the virtual Path at 12/ with no great fanfare, no chindonya wandering the neighborhood to wake up customers with drum, cymbal and sax. Rather, we need to reconcile commerce with the dontbuyin website that asks cyberserfs to barter, beg and borrow rather than buy. ...Read the whole thing
Path Bands Emerging Spring 2007
Submitted Saturday, 3/10/07 by Charles Keil
The times are changing and Path minded brass bands are springing up in Olympia, Washington and Boston, Mass.  I think we’ll have a good turnout of horns in NYC on a Sunday, March 18th –  weather permitting. People are talking about a band in Seattle. . ...Read the whole thing
Peace March to the UN
Submitted Friday, 9/20/06 by Charles Keil
Got into the city yesterday (Sept. 19th) for the peace march to the U.N.   Bush was speaking and United For Peace & Justice finally got a permit for a sidewalk procession a few days before the event.  The turnout was a few thousand people I'd guess, could be way off; one of those demos where the police seemed to be way out of proportion to the protest. ...Read the whole thing
living poetically
Submitted Friday, 6/23/06 by Charles Keil
picked up this phrase from victor hernandez cruz
giving him credit for paying his dues
...Read the whole thing
Still On The Path
Submitted Thursday, 9/8/05 by Charles Keil
I haven't put my writing into the Path Times for a while because Dont Buy In and Conserving Consensus and Music Grooves and Born to Groove all need time and attention these days. (Please visit these websites.) But all of this play is "on the 12/8 Path" as far as I can tell. ...Read the whole thing
Petition for the Common GOOD
Submitted Wednesday, 12/15/04 by Charles Keil
WHEREAS, the existence of a Global Organization Of Democracies whose representatives meet regularly to instruct a reform caucus at the UN and to mobilize regional police forces in pursuit of justice as defined by arrest warrants, subpoenas and trials of the new International Criminal Court, will make possible 5 important processes:...Read the whole thing
In the Spirit of Jimmy McGriff
Submitted Monday, 11/15/04 by Charles Keil
Most of us Kerry/Edwards voters are sad today because we hoped that maybe, perhaps, just possibly, we could begin to talk about the really important issues again after our side either squeaked in or picked up a big majority as the public repudiated the plunge into unilateral, preemptive, perpetual wars abroad and repression at home. ...Read the whole thing
Using the F Word
Submitted Saturday, 11/3/03 by Charles Keil
People don't like to use the word "Fascism" to describe the current political process in the USA, because it seems or appears that we want "democracy" for Afghanistan and Iraq so badly that we'll sacrifice many lives and many billions of dollars to achieve it, even sacrifice some democracy at home to spread it abroad. ...Read the whole thing
Close Indian Point Now!
Submitted Saturday, 8/4/03 by Charles Keil
Denial is not a river in Egypt. Denial is flooding the USA these days. But wake up calls can be heard here and there too. The Hudson is a river in New York State that runs south toward New York City. And on the banks about 30 miles north of NYC there sits a genuine weapon of mass destruction, just in case you were beginning to wonder what one actually looks like. Wake up. It's not hidden. It's not over there. It's right here. ...Read the whole thing (at the First of the Month Web Site)
Jamming for Peace
Submitted Saturday, 3/22/03 by William Benzon
I got off the PATH train in mid-town Manhattan at about 12:30. Five minutes later I was in Harold Square, checking out the demo. Iąd agreed to hook up with Charlie at between 1 and 1:30, so I had a few minutes to get a feel for the flow. ...Read the whole thing
Toronto Peace Protest
Submitted Sunday, 2/16/03 by Johnny Bakan
Yesterday's worldwide demonstration against war may have been the largest > anti-war demonstration in human history. An historic moment. ...Read the whole thing
Poetry on the Path
Submitted Monday, 6/22/02 by charlie keil
As far as I can tell all human beings have poetry coming through them hundreds of times each day - you know, funny turns in a conversation, something described just right in the moment, a juxtaposition of words that makes a little light go on or a bell ring ...Read the whole thing
Reflections on the Peace March
Submitted Monday, 5/08/02 by charlie keil
My wife Angie and I decided to go to the peace march in Washington D.C. April 20th because we were so frustrated with watching an undefined and unwinable "war on terror" go forward while the life support system of this planet is being systematically destroyed ...Read the whole thing
Waging Peace
Submitted Monday, 10/01/01 by charlie keil
I'm all for enduring freedoms here and worldwide. I'm for finite human justice, "patient justice" (Bush) as a path toward peace, and Gaia's Infinite Justice too. ...Read the whole thing
Blake's Four Fold Vision Explained
Submitted Sunday, 7/29/01 by charlie keil
In a letter to Thomas Butts, Nov. 22, 1802, apologizing for delays in executing commissioned
drawings, Blake writes: ...Read the whole thing

terrariffic sound
Submitted Sunday, 4/15/01 by charlie keil
get the first note right good shot at the second on jonnie bakan drumming mounties didnât reckon galloping through gardens came up against the snare moment of truth couldnât go there occupying space terrific sound helps the righteous hold ...Read the whole thing
Toronto Pathband at anti-poverty demo, June 15, 2000
Submitted Friday, 4/6/01 by jonnie bakan
Pathband at Demo June 15, 2000 Allen Gardens Kai and I arrived at Carleton and Sherbourne at 11:15, Lorie arrived at 11:30. We put our horns together and Lorie bolted some additional percussion instruments to the snare drum before strapping it on. ...Read the whole thing
Getting the First Note Right (with thanks to Red Mitchell)
Submitted Sunday, 4/1/01 by charlie keil
once upon a time red asked fred how do you create a groove and freddie green said "get the first note right and then you've got a good shot at the second" ...Read the whole thing

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